Profilmarine Cherokee 35


Year 1987 completely refitted in 2021 and 2022 with invoices and photographs of all the works carried out
Inboard motors in shaft line…



Year 1987 completely refitted in 2021 and 2022 with invoices and photographs of all the works carried out Inboard motors in shaft line 2x270hp AIFO 8061 SRM01 completely brought to 0 hours (boarding 08/2022) Current engine hours 56.7 Length 10.9 mt f.t. Rina expires June 2026 Unlimited browsing Cruising speed 29 knots (55 l / h) Max speed 36 knots REFITTING: Engine overhaul 2021: - Disembarkation and boarding of engines 08/2021; - Casing and grinding of cylinder liners; - Kit bands and oil scraper; - Engine gaskets kit; - Replacement of main bushings and connecting rod; - Shoulders replacement; - Head grinding; - Hydraulic test of exhaust manifolds; - Hydraulic test and repair of unloading branches; - Overhaul of sea water pumps and replacement of impellers; - Replacement of fresh water pumps; - Revision injectors and diesel pumps (Diesel line); - Turbine overhaul (AR precision turbo); - Overhaul of heat exchangers and intercoolers (Bimotor); - Replacement of thermostatic valves; - Left engine alternator replacement; - Replacement of service belts; - Flexible coupling replacement; - Replacement of air filters; - Replacement diesel hand pumps; - Engine oil replacement; - Replacement of oil and diesel filters; - Replacement of motor anodes and brass caps; - Check starter motors and oil replacement; - Replacement of engine oil pressure, inverter oil pressure and engine water temperature sensors - Partial overhaul of Twindisc inverters (PMI service); - Replacement of water hoses; - Two-component paint for engines (with anti-rust primer); Engine overhaul 2022: - Disembarkation and boarding of engines 08/2022; - Heads replacement; - Head grinding; - Emery series kit; - Diesel pump bench calibration; - Engine oil replacement; - Replacement of oil and diesel filters; - Impeller replacement; - Replacement of motor anodes and brass caps; - Realization of handcrafted drain risers in 316 stainless steel; - Replacement of service belts; - Right engine alternator replacement; - Installation of helicoil turbine intake snails; - Replacement of all stainless steel clamps (jubilee type); - Replacement of blue silicone hoses for water and oil vents; - Turbine blue silicone sleeves replacement; - Elimination of analogue tachometer and creation of caps for monobloc; - Rebuilding of bench motor wiring - Replacement of oil pressure and water temperature alarm sensors; - Painted engines with two-component paint and contrasting white aifo lettering; - Coolant system washing; - Engine operation bench test; - Valve clearance after 10h from head grinding (35h hour counter); Engine room: - Engine compartment painting with two-component light gray paint (2021); - Grinding of axles, rudders, tips and propellers (2021); - Installation of volvo type axle seals (2021); - Replacement of accelerator cables and inverters (2021); - Realization of handcrafted 316 stainless steel tailpipes with salami slices (2021); - Replacement of sea cocks and engine ball valves (2021); - Replacement of Bennett flap pistons (2021); - Realization of battery holders on straight side for appropriate weight balancing in mooring (2021); - Custom 4-blade propellers made by Progetto Elica (2022); - Wall mounting propellers of respect (2022); - Handcrafted direct discharge line in stainless steel (2022); - Exhaust lines supports in super-lamellar mahogany (2022); - Replacement of rina approved exhaust hoses (2022); - Realization of stainless steel flange for sludge box and replacement of transparent polycarbonate sludge box (2022); - Replacement of stainless steel sea drains for engine compartment bilge pumps (2022); - Replacement of hydraulic pistons for engine room doors with customized reinforcements made of super-laminated mahogany (2022); - Installation of LED ceiling lights for engine compartment lighting and transformation of LED halogen ceiling lights (2022); On-board electronics and electrical systems: - Raymarine Axiom 7DV GPS with pass-through sounder probe, flush mounting kit and soft protection (2021); - VHF microphone spiral cable replacement (2022); - Raymarine RD68 VHF; - Plotter and instrumentation cooling system with thermostat and 3 fans for air intake, recirculation and extraction (2022); - VDO fuel gauge and sensor (2021); - VDO instrument and fresh water level sensor (2021); - Blink turbine pressure instruments with painted teak aesthetic frame (2022); - Battery voltmeters (2021); - Remaking of the console instrumentation wiring, installation of engine warning lights and alternator charging lights (2022); - Bosch ignition locks (2022); - USB sockets and cigarette lighter in the console, inside the cabin and forward bed (2022); - LED conversion of all halogen light points and addition of new LED light points (2021); - LED stainless steel navigation lights (2021); - Trumpet (2021); - 4 underwater lights with 2 recessed side lights Maiora style (2022); - Increased autoclave (2021); - Audio system consisting of Pioneer BT radio, 6 speakers (4 boss marine and 2 sony marine), subwoofer and 6-channel amplifier (2021); - Replacement of 220v sockets in the cabin, cockpit and engine compartment (2021); - Replacement of user wiring and power supplies where necessary (2021-2022); - Italwinch 700W winch with MZ chain counter tool (2021); - Winch power cable replacement (2021); - Stainless steel winch foot buttons (2021); - Replacement of forward lights with restored and repainted Hella lights (2022); - Reconstruction of battery power wiring, replacement where necessary power cables and replacement of battery switches (2021); - Victron 30A smart charger 3 outputs (2021); - Galvanic isolator (2022); - Left engine battery-service battery distributor (2021); - Seaflo 3500 bilge pump with float for automatic operation in the engine compartment, mounted on a stainless steel bracket (2021); - Seaflo 1100 bilge pumps with float for automatic operation in central bilge and bilge, mounted on stainless steel brackets (2021); - Seaflo 1100 bilge pump in engine compartment for complete engine bilge emptying (2022); - Service battery replacement (2021); - Left engine battery replacement (2022); Carpentry: - Driver's seat with aluminum telescopic pole and adjustable slide (2021); - Stern painting (2021); - Disassembly, fiberglass, painting and reassembly of the stern platform (2021); - Installation of retractable stainless steel ladder (2021); - Diesel tank cleaning (2021); - Replacement of sea discharge and toilet discharge ball valve (2021); - Replacement of the lower deck sink drain ball valve (2021); - Replacement of the sea cock and WC loading ball valve (2021); - Replacement of stainless steel side cleats (2021); - Sandblasting and painting of the windshield frame (2021); - Replacement of windscreen and hatch “glass” with smoked polycarbonate (2021); - Replacement of internal and external taps (2021); - Replacement of armorvin plumbing system (2021); - Installation of 3-way ball valves in the plumbing system and expansion tank (2021); - Painting of bilges, floor and lockers with gray chlorinated rubber paint (2021); - Tessilmare rudder assembly with stainless steel cap (2021); - Side polishing (2021); - Application of model stickers and plates (2021); - Installation of stainless steel bow handles (2021); - Plastimó offshore 105 compass (2022) - Painted on bathroom mirror (2022); - Assembly of barigo tools (2022); - Toilet bowl replacement (2022); - Replacement of sacrificial anodes (2022); - Installation of diesel decanter filters with carbopomp pipes (2022); - Stainless steel flag holder installation and teak flag pole (2022); Upholstery: - External cushions in beige sky (2021); - Driving seat upholstery in sky beige (2021); - “Camper” boat cover in beige fabric with bespoke headband (2021); - Cockpit side wall paneling in dark beige sky (2022); - Alcantara and sky cladding of the entire cabin and bathroom interior (2022); - Decorative cushions in white and light blue alcantara (2022); - Cushions for convertible bed made to measure in light blue alcantara (2022); - Made to measure sheets for forward bed and dinette bed (2022); - Under-deck hatch covers (2022); - Console cover (2022); - Headband shockproof cover in beige fabric (2022); Joinery: - Construction and design of painted laminate panels for console paneling and lower deck push-button panel (2021); - Console storage in fugate mahogany painted with epifanes (2021); - Driver seat seat profile in teak (2022); - Console lower part teak strip (2022); - Teak strips painted with epifanes for the perimeter of the instrument panels (2022); - Panels in grouted teak painted with epifanes for inspection of the wheelhouse, compass and handcuffs (2022); - Console cup holder in fugated teak painted with epifanes (2022); - Grooved teak panel for ignition locks (2022); - Panel in grouted teak with handcrafted scale model made of stainless steel (2022); - Laminate panel with teak perimeter frame for console thermostat (2022); - Perimeter in grouted teak for driver's seat pole base (2022); - Cutting and assembly of okoumé plywood panels for cockpit side walls (2022); - Teak perimeter paneling of cockpit walls (2022); - Light gray painted diesel tank compartment floor (2022); - Beach locker perimeter and side locker in teak (2022); - Customized cup holders in light blue painted solid mahogany with cup holders in stainless steel (2022); - Bespoke panels in light gray painted okoumé and bespoke mahogany slats for transforming dinette into bed (2021); - Made to measure teak frame for cabin panel (2022); - Refrigerator door lining with teak trim and painting with two-component epiphanes (2022); - Covering of the underdeck storage door with teak trim and teak paint with two-component epiphanes, light blue structure paint and replacement of the door opener in chromed brass (2022); - Cup holder under deck in mahogany (2022); - Grooved mahogany panel for fridge cover painted with two-component epiphanes (2022); - Cabin and bathroom storage compartments floors in grouted mahogany painted with epifanes (2022); - Teak toilet paper holder (2022); - Front bed profile cover panels in cherry wood painted with two-component epiphanes (2022); - Restoration of the floor covering in grouted mahogany in the cabin (to be completed);

Technische Daten








IT Venedig




AIFO 8061 SRM01

Anzahl Motoren



270 ps/198 kW


Cherokee 35






10.9 m

Breite / Tiefgang

2.7 m/0.85 m

Kabinen / Kojen



- kg



Anzahl WC



400 l


600 l


- l

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